• Sparks

    1- 2.5 years (30 min)

    Play-based learning, music and friendship centered around the soccer ball. We celebrate little wins like: sharing, cheering on our friends, waiting for our turn, trying again, and listening to our bodies. 

    The abilities of our teammates varies within this age group - some are just learning to walk, some are able to run, we design our classes to be adaptable and allow for each player to be able to participate at their level and pace

    Parent Participation Reuqired*

  • Cheetas

    2.5-4 years (45 min)

    Build upon movement & soccer skills, using more imaginative play. This group will move through a series of more challenging games & obstacle courses that build a solid foundation of skill based movement.

    Capitalizing on this age groups emerging social skills, we incorporate more opportunities for cooperative play through skills, obstacle courses and more fast paced classes.

    Parent Participation Required*

  • Shooting Stars

    4-6 year (45 min)

    Fast-paced games & challenges to progress the players from a fun, learning environment into elementary stages of competitive play with our magical Soccer Tots twist.

    This class serves to bridge players who will be starting organized sports at 6 years old, giving them a chance to build confidence, friendships and shape a positive relationship with sports for years to come. This class is dynamic,  fast-paced and truly a dream to witness.

    Parent Participation not required*

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