Get your child ready to get moving with 8 weeks of soccer in the colourful leaves of Fall, having fun and learning new sport fundamentals along the way. Our Fall League offers kids a chance to stay consistent with a weekly class throughout September to November.

See class times & locations below.

Mount Pleasant (Robson Park):

Saturdays: Sept 9 - Nov 4

  • (1-2.5Y): 8:45am - Register
  • (1-2.5Y):9:30am - Full/ Drop-In only
  • (2.5-4Y): 10:15am Full/ Drop-In only
  • (2.5-4Y): 11:15am Register
  • (4-6Y): 12:15am Register

Kitsilano (Playground Grass):

Sundays: Sept 10 - Nov 5

  • (1-2.5Y): 8:45am Register
  • (1-2.5Y): 9:30am Full/ Drop-In only
  • (2.5-4Y): 10:15am Register
  • (4-6Y): 11:15am Register

Trimble Park:

Resuming in the Spring!

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Soccer Tots

We are a community program for kids ages 1-6 years old that introduces the basics of sport through movement literacy skills & soccer.
We are accessible for families with young children offering flexible programs in convenient locations to offer parents some grace when it comes to getting their littles into sports. We are so excited to be growing and giving more opportunities to the communities we have the pleasure of living in.

Soccer Tots was created to blend community & accessibility into the power of sports and to create a positive impact in the early years of childhood through movement & play.



    *starts September 9th*

    SPARKS (1-2Y) - 8:30am

    SPARKS (1-2Y) - 9:30 am

    CHEETHAS (2.5-4Y) - 10:15am

    SHOOTING STARS (4-6Y) - 11:15am

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    *starts September 10th*

    SPARKS (1-2Y) - 8:30 am

    SPARKS (1-2Y) - 9:30 am

    CHEETAHS (2.5-4Y) - 10:15am

    SHOOTING STARS (4-6Y) - 11:15am

    Register for Fall 

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