At STV we strive to create an inclusive community based around movement and learning together. In order to provide an opportunity for ALL families to participate in our programs we are launching out Sponsor-A-Tot Program in the Fall of 2022. 

With support from our generous teammates we will offer an opportunity to donate $ towards a punch card. There is an option to register as a S.A.T. (Sponsor-A-Tot) family on our registration form. We will also be fundraising and engaging with community partners in order to make this program more accessible.  **Can we add an option on the registration form for folks?**

We would like to prioritize families who have the greatest need and therefore request that only those who would otherwise not be able to attend - to apply. Our application process will be confidential and fast.

To learn more about our partnerships and how to get involved - please click over to our ‘Partnerships’ tab.